A large number of people often look for ways to spice up their sex lives. One of the best forms of making your bedroom a hotter place is by using costumes. Dressing up in costumes will not only change the monotony in your sex routine, but make the sex more intensified. You can find all kinds of evidence about how awesome costume play is for couples. Even those who are not in serious or monogamous relationships use them. Evidence of this can be seen in the endless pornography found online dealing with this fetish.

Sexy ideas

Dressing up in costumes for better sex is so popular in the adult world, that there’s even a name for it. Cosplay is short for costume role-playing. Adult sites have tons of cosplay porn videos and other related content. A large portion of them are amateuristic in form. In part, it’s because couples themselves recorded their sexual encounters to share it with others. This form of homemade amateur porn, is extremely popular online.

Some women dress up as naughty and horny teachers for their partners. Others put on innocent, but slutty schoolgirl uniforms. The same for females who cosplay by pretending to be a mischievous nanny. Adult pages have a plethora of these naughty babysitter porn videos. While most may be of actual babysitters who are recorded having sex, others involve cosplay porn content. Males get in on the act as well by role-playing to make their partners more sexually aroused. They use cops, firemen, pilots or other wild costumes to do so.

If you are one of those people interested in using costumes as a way to make your sex life better and more gratifying, there are many ideas to check out. Best part about them is that you can use some of them again for when Halloween comes around.

School Teacher or School Girl: As stated earlier, dressing up as a naughty and horny school teacher never gets old. Neither does putting on a school girl uniform. Most people grow up having a thing for their hot school teacher or a sexy student. Bringing that to the bedroom, works because of that. It helps satisfy a person’s fantasy from the past as well as the present ones.

Gladiator: Not only are gladiators costumes tough looking, they are extremely sexy in the bedroom. Whether it’s the man dressing up as a fierce gladiator or the female. Movies such as 300, Gladiator and Spartacus come to mind.

Nurses: Nothing makes a man or woman more sexually aroused, than a hot nurse. That may explain why nurses costumes are so popular in the bedroom. The web is full of cosplay porn depicting hot and raunchy nurses. The nurses can take care of you in more ways than one in the bedroom.

Maid: A hot and beautiful girl in a maid’s uniform will bring cause arousal faster than anything for most people. It is no secret that males all across the globe continually fantasize about having sex with a maid. All that relates back to them being in control as an authority figure. Many of the costplay porn videos show horny maids being banged by their partners.

Military Costumes: From Navy officers to a domineering army sergeant, the military costumes choices are many. Any of them can lead to spicing up your sex life instantly. This is great for either a person who likes to be dominated or wants to do the dominating.

BollyWood Hottie: Dressing up as a Bollywood queen or princess will make your partner go crazy. Use your hips to move and shake him or her into sexual ecstasy. Women who know how to move their bodies, will look extremely sexy in these outfits. They come in many vibrant colors and styles to choose from.

Movie Fictional Characters: Whether it’s Captain America, Wonder Woman, Cleopatra or another of your choice, there are tons available. Fictional movie character costumes come in all forms. Some you can make yourself using personal clothes and a few non-expensive add-ons.

Law Enforcement: For men or women who are into domination or being dominated, this is an excellent selection. They allow anyone to assume the role of authority in these costumes. Fantasies will quickly become reality by turning yourself or partner into a cop, FBI agent or something else.

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