Sexy First Date Night Outfits Ideas That Will Increase Attraction

Sexy First Date Night Outfits Ideas That Will Increase Attraction

First dates can be a mix of excitement, nervousness and a bunch of butterflies in the tummy. Most men and women today meet via dating apps like the Hinge or Tinder. So although you may be texting each other and flirting for days, the first date will be the first time you meet in person. Many budding romances got nipped on the first date because the guy said something stupid or the girl gave the wrong signals. Quite a lot can go wrong. But, what if you can bring one big advantage that makes all these smaller things trivial?

This one is so easy for women.

Wear a sexy outfit and the job is half done. That is easy, right? Actually, it is very hard to pull off the right amount of sexy. Do too much and he will think you are easy, do too little and he won’t be interested. Here are a few ideas on what to wear on a first date. But before that, a few guidelines.

  1. Wear something you have tried before. Wearing a five-inch heel for the first time will make you look like you are trying too hard. Plus, you may fall and embarrass yourself.
  2. Match your outfit with the vibe you give out. Talking like a conservative and dressing like a stripper may not have the best effects on a long-term potential partner.
  3. Be comfortable. If you look sexy but feel like shit, it won’t take long to come out.

Now that¬†we have the bases covered, let’s talk some¬†dresses!

  1. Satin Tank Top

If you have an athletic build, show off your toned body with a Satin Tank Top. Pair a dark color top with a sleek bright pant. The look works best with either straightened hair or lots of curls.

  1. Sleek Lace Dress

If you want to show off a classy look, you can never go wrong with a Sleek Lace Dress. Instead of a boring little black dress, try its newer version. The shoulder pads show a strong you while the lace tells all about your naughty side.

  1. Button Skirt

Mix Button Skirts with a pair of stalking to drive your date crazy. You don’t have to show off your legs to show them off. Let the mystery be your secret little helper.

  1. Fitted White Dress

Want something simple, but classy? Try a Fitted White Dress. Show off your curves and make a big impression.

  1. Tie-Up Crop Top

Want to give your date a sneak peek into glory? Try a Tie-Up Crop Top with a distressed pair of denim. It gives you a casual confident vibe and makes you look hot. Don’t blame us if you date keeps getting distracted though.

  1. Tie-Neck Halter

A Tie-Neck Halter can be worn with either jeans or a skirt or a short. The advantage is that you can eat well if you go to a nice restaurant and you won’t even need to suck your tummy in. Need any more reasons?

Wear a comfortable and tested outfit and let your confidence shine.

How to Become a Fashion Blogger

How to Become a Fashion Blogger

Becoming a Fashion Blogger is a dream for many. It is a stylish title and comes with a lot of promise of possibilities. But how do you become one? It is not one of those job titles you can pick up due to experience or a qualification you can earn by studying.

In this article, we will try to explain how to become a successful fashion blogger.

What is fashion blogging?

Fashion blogging has brought out personal styling in a way that neither the stylists, the retailers or the publications could imagine possible. They are a rare creative breed of fashion-forward thinkers.

How do you get started?

Fashion is a cutthroat business. Fashion blogging is an ultra-competitive niche which is filled with a lot of talented writers. To get started, first figure out what is your niche.

Setting yourself apart from your competition brings in the right audience and also help your streamline your focus on something specific. Being a specialist is always better than a generalist. It also helps in defining your brand identity.

Focusing on a niche also helps scope out the competition.

One important word on the competition.

It is always good to have some. Competition proves there is a market for that niche. No competition could mean the niche may not be sustainable or there is no money in it.

Once you identify your niche, select an appropriate and trendy name for it. You are building your brand, so spend time on this decision. Once you come up with a name, ask a few friends to check if it conveys your fashion message accurately. You won’t spend a lot of time explaining your brand name and value to people. So find one that is easy to pronounce and understand. Unique is good, but stickability is even more important.

Once you figure out the name and branding, hire a professional to work on web designing and photography. Don’t try to learn and do it all on your own as it will take a lot of your time away from your primary skill. If you cannot afford professional work, enlist a friend to help you with that. You can style them for a photo shoot as a thank you.

Once you have the basics ready, create a content calendar. Focus easy post on a single idea and avoid the urge to over explain or stuff your post with too many details.

Instead of one thousand word post a month with scattered ideas, have four posts dedicating each to a single idea. Consistent content will attract readers and grow your subscribers.

You can either write a post or make a video. Video posts will get more attention but need more effort.

Work with brands and affiliates once you get started. Ultimately, you want to be a fashion influencer, so it is better to start the relationship in the early stages.

Becoming a fashion blogger takes a lot of time and efforts. These steps will help make it easy for you to know the first few.

Beach Outfits to wear for Summer 2018

Beach Outfits to wear for Summer 2018

Summer is here and a lucky few are getting ready to show off their new look while others are hiding in the corner and scampering to figure out what to wear.

Let us admit it. Some of us do not understand color combinations and have to struggle to find good clothes that fit us well and makes us feel good.

Beachwear is probably the hardest one to choose as it depends on your specific body style and the vibe you give out. In this guide, we will try to help you find the right beach outfit for this summer.

  1. Culottes

To be precise, black and white culottes can be mixed with anything. Sport on a trendy black Tee and a heel to match and you are ready to amp up any of your existing ensembles. Although not really a beachwear, it is still perfect for summer.

  1. Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim can never go out of style. To make it more stylish, try embroidered shoulders. Add a stylish, but understated sandal to get a perfect beach look.

3.Striped jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are hot this season. Try out a grey and white striped jumpsuit for a night out or a day at the beach. Throw in a straw bag and a neutral heel and you are ready for the ideal beach walk.

  1. Rompers

What can be cooler than a buttoned-down romper on a sunny day? Try a floral pattern and if you feel cold on the beach at night, add a denim jacket and espadrilles to achieve a perfect, but understated beach look for the summer.

  1. Crop tops

The best signal of summer is a beach filled with women in crop tops and shorts. Instead of a regular crop top, go for a sexy knotted one, and you will have a wave of eyes on you. Match it with strappy sandal heels and you are ready for a party on Pitbull’s next music video. How to color match? go for simple white shorts matched with a colored or dotted crop top.

  1. The Spaghetti strap.

Another beach favourite is a spaghetti-strap dress. Though it is a late 2000 idea, spice it up with a baby pink plaid pattern to show off a new look. Add frayed denim heels and the ensemble is complete.

7.White on Denim

Some styles never die. Pull up one of your old denim shorts and match it with a white shirt/top. Knot the bottom and viola you have that ever favourite look at a purse friendly price.

8.Bikini with a mini

The beach is where a bikini lives. Put on your favourite bikini and add a mini to the mix. This gives you a chance to splurge in the pool or get a ‘was just in the water’ look.


There you have it, some of the easiest summer wear for the beach. It is easy on the eyes and not heavy on the wallet. The key is to try what you have and see how it fits.